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NPC deputy calls for stronger promotion of tourism industry

Updated : 2017-03-17

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Feng Yan, a deputy to the National People’s Congress Heilongjiang delegation, has called for the province to build new tourist destinations and improve existing ones across the region.

Feng said the province needs to improve tourism facilities and services, and to develop tourism in villages.

"We have to pay more attention to the special features of cities when developing their tourism industries," he said. "For example, Harbin developed its ice and snow world to exploit its cold weather."

"Cities should also build new tourist spots. When developing tourism, we have to promote the economic development of cities at the same time. We have to make great efforts to improve the legal, policy and cultural environments to improve the cultural soft power of our cities."

Feng also proposed strengthening promotion of innovation and development of the cultural industry in various ways, such as networking, songs and TV series.

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