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Harbin gets emergency pet service

Updated : 2017-05-18

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Pet owners in Harbin can now telephone a pet hospital and request an ambulance when their animals fall ill.

A pet hospital in Harbin has launched an emergency ambulance service for pets. As of May 16, the ambulance has sent many animals to hospital, including a Pekingese dog.

The Harbin Rongshun Hospital for Pets has equipped its ambulance with all necessary medical devices and drugs, including a small oxygen bottle and first-aid box.

The ambulance was previously a minibus which was used to collect strays and return lost dogs to their owners.

Xiao Rongxu, head of Harbin Rongshun Hospital, found that transporting pets is quite difficult for a person without a private car, because pets are not allowed on buses, and taxi drivers are often reluctant to carry sick pets.

So he decided to provide an ambulance service in case a pet suddenly falls ill and has to be sent to hospital for treatment.

So far, the ambulance has transported more than 100 pets to hospital. Most recently, the ambulance transported a Tibetan mastiff in need of an emergency caesarean to deliver her 12 puppies.

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