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Xiangfang leads the way in smart government

Updated : 2017-06-12

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin’s Xiangfang district is bringing city administration into the digital age, establishing the first WeChat city administration monitoring platform in Heilongjiang province.

In an effort to meet the city’s goal of being a national civilized city, the new management model aims to integrate city administration, law enforcement and operations, as well as developing rural areas.

The integration of city governance necessitates dividing the city into different areas. Xiangfang district is divided into eight management and law enforcement grids, 29 grid management groups and 24 township grids, administrating all aspects of city life.

The WeChat city administration monitoring platform is helping to modernize local government and boost the number of opportunities for residents to participate in how their city is governed.

Integrating urban and rural sanitation has helped to standardize city management. Xiangfang district set up the province's first rural professional cleaning team, improving the environment and sanitation in rural areas and helping to develop local tourism. Lavender manor, Volga manor and other tourist attractions are all seeing increased numbers of visitors.

Government workers monitor the WeChat platform. [Photo/my399.com]

Government workers monitor the new platform in Xiangfang district, Harbin. [Photo/my399.com]