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Volunteer services thrive in Leyuan

Updated : 2017-06-12

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Located near Daixiu Lake Park and Harbin Fifth Hospital, the Xiangfang district’s Leyuan community is home to more than 9,000 residents. The community’s service hall was first put into use in August 2011 to offer volunteer services to residents.

The community has cooperated with enterprises, universities, hospitals and other civil units, with Party members playing an active role in activities.

Leyuan makes continued efforts to provide household management services, cultural and sports activities, psychological counseling, medical and legal aid services for its residents, using WeChat and hotlines for ease of access to help more people.

The community has also tried to develop more cultural and recreational activities to enrich the lives of resident, with more than 100 activities benefiting nearly 10,000 people. Services, including reading rooms, a painting exhibition room, a science room, fitness and entertainment rooms, are readily accessible to residents at the services hall.

Leyuan community was named as a “provincial civilized unit” and “provincial advanced volunteer service group” in 2016.

Volunteers provide services in the science room at the Leyuan community’s service hall. [Photo/my399.com]

The Leyuan community’s service hall was put into use in August 2011. [Photo/my399.com]

A commentator explains content posted on the publicity board. [Photo/my399.com]