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Acheng Youth Palace promotes ‘beautiful education’

Updated : 2017-07-07

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The Acheng Youth Extracurricular Activity Center, also known as Acheng Youth Palace, is the largest center of its kind in the city. It offers activities in seven categories and 48 subjects and has 69 training classes and more than 1,400 members. The seven categories are technology, art, media, literature, culture, morality and physical education. The courses and activities all focus on "beautiful education".


The Acheng Youth Palace has introduced many series of activities that have inspired young people to experience beauty. For example, the traditional Chinese orchestra from the culture department delivered a performance that revealed the beauty of Manchu culture; the technology department has organized hands-on training courses for aircraft and car modeling; and the physical education department provided roller-skating courses for small children. Not to be outdone, the media department wrote a textbook to help students appreciate the beauty of politeness, and its young journalist group went to restaurants and the streets of the community to discover beauty through social investigation. Acheng Youth Palace clearly provides young people with the opportunity to experience beauty from various perspectives.


Public welfare activities held on every Wednesday of 2014 and 2015 won high praise from children and parents.


More than 500 children from Acheng participated in a parent/child planting activity at the research farming base. Turning soil and watering inspired the children's desire to work and initiating plant growth helped them experience the beauty of life.


The "Dandelion's Dream" plan is aimed at shortening the education gap between urban and rural areas and building a platform for children with artistic interests.


The award-winning Acheng Youth Palace has hosted more than 100 activities over the past few years. It has marked a new chapter in youth education in Acheng.

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