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Easier system for reporting road accidents in Harbin

Updated : 2017-07-11

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Quick & Easy initiates electronic era for handling vehicle accidents in Harbin

Quick & Easy, an integrated platform for drivers to report road accidents, as well as upload photos and claim insurance compensation, was launched in Harbin in June.

Quick & Easy helps ease traffic jams caused by accidents

Statistics show road accidents are one of the main reasons behind traffic jams and it is therefore important to ease traffic congestion when there is an accident.


Quick & Easy operates in Harbin in late June

Harbin’s first Quick & Easy center went into operation on June 28. The 2,600-square-meter center is located southwest of the intersection of the airport parkway and Yangmingtan Avenue. The center provides a one-stop service, with 12 insurance companies located there.


When using the app, traffic incidents must be reported within 24 hours. Drivers who refuse to move a vehicle involved in an incident where Quick & Easy can be used, thus causing a traffic jam, will face a fine.

Business hours ro the Quick & Easy center: 8:30 to 17:00.

Five ways to help with Quick & Easy

1. WeChat official account

2. Police hotline

3. Police and command center monitoring  

4. Negotiation

5. Insurance company hotline

Fault and Liability for Motor Vehicle Accidents


1. Negotiation

2. Liability dispute

3. Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Insurance fraud investigation and transfer mechanism

Traffic police, who work with insurance companies to tackle insurance fraud, will transfer cases to the local police bureau.

Additional Quick & Easy centers will be built in Harbin in the future to provide further convenience to the public.

Xiangfang leads the way in smart government

Harbin’s Xiangfang district is bringing city administration into the digital age, establishing the first WeChat city administration monitoring platform in Heilongjiang province.