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Harbin No 17 Middle School promotes core values on campus

Updated : 2017-08-01

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

School is the main base for education and teaching and that is why Harbin’s No 17 Middle School always treats moral education as a priority. Education and campus activities related to socialist core values have enhanced the moral level of the school's students and teachers.

Socialist core values on campus


The 24 words comprising socialist core values can be seen almost everywhere on campus to remind and educate students and teachers.

 Socialist core values in the classroom


The 24-word socialist core values are on display in classrooms.

Socialist core values in textbooks


The school's teachers joined together to write a poem based on socialist core values. The poem is very popular among students and teachers, is in the school’s textbooks and is recited at various literary and artistic events.

Socialist core values in class


The core values are also interpreted in the politics class from the three perspectives of the "state, society and the individual". The scientific and systematic interpretation allows students to have a deeper understanding of socialist core values.

Socialist core values at heart


Socialist core values are not empty slogans. Instead, they can be seen, touched and read everywhere in our work, studies and life. Schools should not only cultivate those core values but also practice them. A number of activities to practice the core values have been conducted by the school and have achieved good results.

Socialist core values in the family


Activities such as the “Letter to Parents” have helped families play their role in promoting the teaching of socialist core values.