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More green landscapes in Harbin’s Daoli district

Updated : 2017-08-01

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Daoli district in Harbin has upgraded its green landscaping in an effort to become a meeting center and garden with European characteristics.


The green landscaping project in Daoli was conducted to express the characteristics of a European city. Five colored grass landscape structures including “Harbin Welcomes You” have been set up on Yingbin Road near the airport, and stone pots and European-style flower racks are now placed in key sections of the streets. Landscaping in 14 other sections has been upgraded.


The 36,000-square- meter landscaping along West Youyi Road is one of the key projects this year. Ninety-eight black pine trees, 140 elm trees, 1,560 begonia and 330 golden elm balls have been planted. Cherry blossoms and begonia help form 187 European- style landscaped areas inspired by three movements of music.


A variety of green plants and flowers have been used to upgrade landscaping along the road. As a result, Daoli district now sports rich layers and colorful patterns.