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Residents welcome comprehensive urban management project in Daoli

Updated : 2017-08-01

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

A comprehensive urban management project aiming to improve the aesthetic appearance of wiring in Harbin’s Daoli district was launched on March 13.


The project, successfully implemented, started on 183 apartment buildings in Daoli district. All parties – including the local government, construction companies and residents – worked together during the process and, as a result, wiring in the pilot area were kept in an orderly manner.


The pilot project will be implemented in 19 communities of Daoli district later this year.


In addition to the pilot project, a comprehensive cleanup project in apartment buildings has also started. Moreover, the living environment in the area will continue to be upgraded, the quality of life for residents will improve and the people’s environmental awareness continues to increase.


The No. 5 Building of Anxiang Street in the Fushun community is a typical example of the project. An additional 15 parking spots and three door access control systems have been added as a result of the project, along with the upgrading of two sets of fitness equipment and 20 electrical security doors. A total of 18,000 square meters of wall have also been freshly painted.