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Innovation at the Shuangcheng Administrative Acceptance Service Center

Updated : 2017-08-01

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )



The Administrative Acceptance Service Center of Shuangcheng has 65 employees from 18 government departments. Around 600 people go to the center every day. The center has innovated ways to better serve the people and to contribute to Harbin’s bid to be designated a national civilized city.

Infrastructure building
The center has taken a series of measures to clean the environment and added facilities such as more convenient and accessible doors. Publicity for the national civilized building campaign is presented through screens and posters in the center. Center staffers also volunteer at the local community. A long-term management mechanism has been established to regulate daily management and help people solve problems in a responsible and fast manner.


Dedicated service
The center focuses on providing the best service experience for the people and has taken the following measures: a negative list system has been established, a service guide has been formulated and commercial affairs reform and cadre team building has been completed.


Work to help create a national civilized city has promoted overall upgrading of the center, with tangible results. The center now has a more beautiful environment, better service and better style. Visitors all speak highly of the changes.