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Shuangcheng Passenger Terminal strives to provide best service

Updated : 2017-08-01

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )


Following the launch of Harbin’s bid for status as a national civilized city, Shuangcheng Passenger Terminal has been striving to enhance its services and the business levels of its staff members to provide better service experience to its customers.

All-round publicity
Shuangcheng Passenger Terminal now uses voice broadcasting, electronic screens in waiting rooms and billboards for publicity and information services. Bulletins, websites and other media are also used by the terminal to enhance its profile as a national civilized city building.


Better facility
The terminal provides emergency medication, hot water and other necessities for passengers. Two accessible facilities and five outdoor surveillance cameras were also added to provide convenience and security.

Beautiful environment
Terminal staff members have conducted over 20 thorough clean-ups to keep the environment tidy. The square and the parking lot are also well maintained and provide an improved environment.


Volunteering service
Staff members at the terminal are also actively involved in serving as volunteers on a regular basis. For example, four volunteers every day help passengers who need assistance. The terminal also sends volunteers to help maintain traffic order. Staff members at the reception desk receive training to improve their customer service skills, with the result that the terminal has so far reported over 20 cases of harmonious interactions with travelers.