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Harbin police get help from drivers

Updated : 2018-05-09

By Zhou Huiying ( chinadaily.com.cn )

At the beginning of May, Harbin's traffic management bureau launched a snapshot platform through its networking app, Bingcheng Exing, or Ice City E-Traffic, to encourage citizens to report traffic violations.

Users can upload their photos showing violations and will receive a cash reward of 10 to 20 yuan ($1.57 to $3.15) each time if the information is verified.

More than 15,000 netizens have registered.

"We have received about 1,500 submissions of information through the platform, and half of them were verified," said Suo Yong, an officer in the bureau's command center. "Most of the violations involve parking, going in the wrong direction and crossing lines illegally."

"To be effective, the information should include at least three photos that clearly show the scene, the process of the traffic violation and the related traffic lines," he said. "However, if you are a driver, please avoid using the phone while driving even if you spot violations by others."

The bureau has begun to distribute free automobile data recorders for use on the city's buses and taxis and with ride services such as Didi.

"The automobile data recorder is quite a helpful tool for drivers to record traffic violations," said Wan Xiaoling, deputy general manager of Heilongjiang Long Win Modern Transportation Co. "We have chosen 20 taxis, whose drivers are all experienced and responsible, to install the recorders provided by the bureau."

"We gave the platform to our company's drivers as soon as it launched and we encourage them to upload information," she said. "As the biggest taxi company in the city, we have a responsibility to contribute to good traffic order.

"In fact, urging our company's drivers to obey traffic regulations and laws is one of our most important tasks," she said. "I believe the platform will further strengthen drivers' safety awareness."

The company owns about 1,700 taxis, accounting for about one-tenth of the licensed operators in the city.

The platform has also received high praise from residents.

"The cash reward is just a formality," said Jiang Wentao, 35, a company employee. "It is more significant to get all citizens to pay attention to the city's traffic order. I believe we will have a better traffic environment soon."

Zhang Kaiyuan, an officer in the bureau's traffic violations office, said: "After widely soliciting opinions from experts and the public, we canceled the upper limit of no more than 1,000 yuan for each user every month. That will stimulate the citizens' enthusiasm and initiative. Further, we have adjusted the platform and simplified the registration process."

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