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Harbin stops summer tourist bus services

Updated : 2019-10-10

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin announced the suspension of all summer direct tourist buses on Oct 6, local media reported.

The tourist buses were provided to increase convenience for tourists heading from Harbin to the popular summer scenic spots neighboring the city.

Harbin Longyun Transportation Group ran the tourist buses to Fuyuan, Tongjiang, Jiansanjiang, Yabuli and the Beiji Village in Mohe city in Heilongjiang province, Prairie Ulgai grassland in Inner Mongolia autonomous region and Vladivostok in Russia.

Over a four-month summer tourism period, Harbin Longyun Transportation Group handled about 50,000 tourists.

Responding to the demands of Harbin and Heilongjiang’s most popular winter tourism season, tourist buses running between Harbin and China’s Snow Town and Yabuli Ski Resort will start operations on Nov 23.

Tourists heading to those winter scenic spots can take a bus at Nangang Bus Station and the earliest bus operates at 6am, officials said.

Additionally, a tourist bus route operating from Harbin to Xuegu scenic spot is expected to open at another time.

More tourism and ticket information will be found through a WeChat platform named “longyunlvyoufuwu”, namely “Longyun Tourism Service”.