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Historic first international flight made by China’s ARJ21

Updated : 2019-11-01

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

 An historic flight operated by Chengdu Airlines using an ARJ21 -- China's first homebuilt regional passenger jet -- successfully landed at Vladivostok of Russia at 18:09 on Oct 26, according to Chinese aviation officials.

They said the flight marked the launch of the first international flight served by the ARJ21. It was completed after a 63-minute journey from Harbin, in Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province.

The flight connecting Harbin and Vladivostok will run every Monday and Friday using the flight numbers EU1819/EU1820 -- bringing convenience to passengers traveling between the two cities who need to transfer in Beijing, Shanghai or Seoul.

Officials said the launch of the new international flight will showcase the operational capability of the aircraft on international flights. This comes in the wake of the ARJ21 proving its safety and reliability since it began operations in the central, eastern and northeastern regions of China in June 2016.

The ARJ21 -- manufactured by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China based in Shanghai --  is the first regional aircraft designed in accordance with the operating conditions of central and western China and northern China.

Aviation officials say it has a good high-temperature performance and anti-crosswind ability in high altitudes, and is particularly compatible with the takeoff and landing conditions of airports in southwestern China.

It was designed with a capacity of 78-90 seats and has a maximum range of 3,700 kilometers.

Officials said it will serve more international flights in the future following its success on the Harbin-Vladivostok route.

Flight attendants from Chengdu Airlines celebrate the opening of the Harbin-Vladivostok flight at Harbin Taiping International Airport, on Oct 26. [Photo/IC]

The ARJ21 aircraft running, between Harbin and Vladivostok, takes off from Harbin Taiping International Airport on Oct 26. [Photo/IC]

Passengers gives the thumbs up on the first direct Harbin-Vladivostok flight. [Photo/IC]

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