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Harbin launches tourist buses to winter tourism landmarks

Updated : 2020-01-06

By ( e.my399.com )

Two special tourist bus routes were recently launched, to provide improved convenience for tourists heading from downtown Harbin city to the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo and Harbin Ice and Snow World, according to local officials.

They said it was an initiative from the Harbin Transportation Group Public Transportation Co.

The bus serving the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo only operates during the daytime.

The route starts from the Sunac Land, passing through Hongyuan Road, Zhongyuan Avenue, Songbei Avenue, Taiyang Avenue, Gonglu Bridge, Youyi Road, Shangzhi Street, Tieshun Street, Digong Street and Hongjun Street, before finally arriving at the Museum Station.

The first bus operates from 08:00 hrs and the last bus is  at 17:00 hrs. The price for a single journal ticket is 2 yuan ($0.29).

In addition, the Harbin Ice and Snow World tourist bus operates between 17:30 hrs and 22:00 hrs. It starts from the Flood Control Memorial Tower Square, passing through Youyi Road, Gonglu Bridge and Songbei Avenue, before arriving at Harbin Ice and Snow World.

Ticket price for a single journey ranges from 2-5 yuan for different distances.



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