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Harbin uni debuts first marine information engineering major

Updated : 2020-03-09

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin Engineering University announced on March 5 that it has begun teaching a major in marine information engineering, according to university officials.
They said this was the first major opened at Chinese universities to meet the needs of the emerging marine engineering professionals. With the implementation of China's marine power strategy, a large number of companies, research institutes and units have entered the marine-related research field.
Marine information engineering is a new engineering discipline that utilizes sound, light, electricity, magnetism and other information carriers to realize observation, detection and monitoring of the oceans.
Officials said the major mainly explores and studies marine information source mechanisms and physical field laws, scientific and advanced cognitive approaches, cutting-edge and in-depth information mining processing and application methods – as well as the development of related marine information sensors, metering devices and processing and decision systems.
The major focuses on cultivating advanced compounds technical personnel who can engage in scientific research, engineering design, applied research and operation management in marine information technology development and applications and marine information systems.
Officials said Harbin Engineering University has a distinct administrative style and disciplinary advantages in the fields of shipping, maritime and nuclear studies -- and is an important personnel training and scientific research base in China's shipping and marine engineering fields.