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Acheng loosens business operations, travel limitations

Updated : 2020-03-16

By ( e.my399.com )

Acheng district in Harbin – capital of China’s North Heilongjiang province -- announced on March 9 that the district government will lift a number of business operations and travel restrictions which were being strictly implemented amid the outbreak of novel coronavirus, in a bid to gradually return the city back to normal.
The move is mainly targeting service industries such as catering, retail and public transportation.
Businesses and industries allowed to resume operations are:
1.Wholesale and retail trading
2. Accommodation and catering

Hotels located in residential communities, that underground or semi-underground, with no windows or natural ventilation will remain closed.
Eating in restaurants and canteens is forbidden and take-out service and telephone reservations are recommended.
3. Information transmission, software and information technology services, real estate (except housing and infrastructure construction), leasing and business services (excluding conferences and exhibitions), scientific research and technical services.
4. Dyeing, photo printing, marriage and funeral services in residential areas; repairs of motor vehicles, electronic products and daily products.
Nanny services (excluding long-term fixed nanny services) and private kindergarten (nursery) services will remain suspended.
5. Professional commercial office buildings

For transportation, warehousing and postal services, water conservation, environmental and public facilities management, health and social work.
Resident travel

From March 11, residents will be allowed to enter the residential community with an "Acheng District Residents' Urban Travel Registration Certificate" or an "Acheng District's Pass for Necessary Personnel During the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period" from 7am to 9pm. The previous limits on entry times are canceled. Meanwhile, the "Certificate for Purchasing Living Supplies" will cease to be used.
All residential communities, villages and units in Acheng district will continue to implement entry checks management. Outsiders and vehicles are prohibited from entering.
Residents holding "Acheng District's Pass for Necessary Personnel During the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period" are allowed to commute within the downtown areas of Harbin city.
Buses operating in Acheng district will gradually resume operations in an orderly manner from March 11.