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Harbin resumes normal operations of railway, bus stations

Updated : 2020-03-17

By ( e.my399.com )

In light of the passenger flow situation, the transport authority decided to resume normal operations of 57 railway stations under the jurisdiction of the China Railway Harbin Bureau – as well as two bus stations in Harbin -- starting March 12.
The railway information is as follows:
Running extra trains

1. The K5191 train running between Daqing and Cuogang, starting March 16
2. The K5192 train running between Manzhouli and Daqing, from March 17
Trains resuming normal operations

1. Train G393 running between Beijing South and Mudanjiang
Reopened stations: Shangzhi South, Weihe West and Yabuli West

2. Train G394 running between Mudanjiang and Beijing South
Reopened stations: Shangzhi South, Acheng North and Yabuli West

3. Train G714 running between Suifenhe and Dalian North
Reopened stations: Yabuli West, Weihe West and Shangzhi South

4. Train G717 running between Dalian North and Suifenhe
Reopened stations: Maoer Mountain West, Shangzhi South and Weihe West

5. Train T17 running between Beijing and Mudanjiang
Reopened stations: Yimianpo, Weihe and Yabuli

6. Train K48/49 running between Hangzhou and Qiqihar
Reopened stations: Lizhi, Xinhuatun, Linyuan, Yantongtun

7. Train K50/47 running between Qiqihar and Hangzhou
Reopened stations: Yantongtun, Linyuan, Xinhuatun, Lizhi and Yinlang

8. Train K339 running between Beijing and Jiamusi
Reopened station: Haolianghe

9. Train K939/8 running between Shijiazhuang and Mudanjiang
Reopened station: Weihe

10. Train K1394/1 running between Mudanjiang and Shijiazhuang
Reopened stations: Yabuli and Weihe

11. Train K940/37 running between Jiamusi and Yantai
Reopened station: Haolianghe

12. Train 2061 running between Dalian and Jiagedaqi
Reopened stations: Tuanjie, Laha, Liuhe town, Laolai and Yilaha

13. Train 2062 running between Jiagedaqi and Dalian
Reopened stations: Laolai, Hengdiying, Bafang, Liuhe town, Qingshuishan and Laha

14. Train K5162/3 running between Zhalantun and Beian
Reopened stations: Genghis Khan and Yushutun

15. Train K7246/7247 running between Nianzishan and Qiqihar
Reopened station: Longjiang

16. Train K7248 running between Nianzishan and Qiqihar
Reopened station: Ang’angxi

17. Train K7248 running between Qiqihar and Zhalantun
Reopened stations: Yushutun and Genghis Khan

18. Train K7106/7 running between Jiamusi and Nenjiang
Reopened stations: Haolianghe, Suihua, Xinglong town, Shirencheng, Kangjinjing, Hulan and Laha

19. Train K7108/5 running between Nenjiang and Jiamusi
Reopened stations: Heshan, Yilaha, Bafang, Laha, Hulan, Shenjia, Baikuibao, Xinglong town, Suihua and Haolianghe

20. Train K7173 running between Mudanjiang and Jixi
Reopened station: Modaoshi

21. Train K7174 running between Jixi and Mudanjiang
Reopened station: Shilin

22. Train K7205 running between Harbin East and Baoqing
Reopened station: Xinyouyi

23. Train K7206 running between Baoqing and Harbin East
Reopened station: Hongxinlong

24. Train 4085 running between Tailai and Qiqihar
Reopened stations: Sanjianfang and Yushutun

25. Train 4086 running between Qiqihar and Tailai
Reopened station: Sanjianfang

26. Train 4187 running between Qiqihar and Manzhouli
Reopened stations: Halasu, Yushutun and Longjiang

27. Train 4188 running between Manzhouli and Qiqihar
Reopened stations: Halasu, Longjiang and Ang’angxi

28. Train 4170/67/68/9 running between Manzhouli and Moerdaoga
Reopened station: Genhe
Bus stations resuming operations:

Daowai Station and Sankeshu Station
The opened lines: the downtown of Harbin to Bayan, Mulan, Tonghe, Yanshou, Binxian, Fangzheng, Yilan and A’cheng