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Harbin manufacturers fully resume food supplies

Updated : 2020-03-19

By ( e.my399.com )

A truck carrying chickens produced by Heilongjiang Zhengda Industrial Co Ltd prepares to leave for market. [Photo/MY399.COM]

In view of the current positive novel coronavirus epidemic situation, more than 100 large food manufacturers in Harbin have resumed full production to guarantee the daily supplies of local residents, according to information released by the Harbin Food Industry Association.
The companies are mainly producing and processing rice, noodles, cooking oil, corn, eggs and poultry.
One example is Heilongjiang Zhengda Industrial Co Ltd, which resumed operations in February and currently slaughters around 100,000 chickens per day and produces about 200 tons of chicken products for the market.
While actively resuming production, food enterprises have not spared their efforts in virus prevention and control, performing strict epidemic screening of their workers.
Before returning to work, employees are required to report physical examination results and their health conditions over the past 15 days, as well as their contact history with people from severely hit epidemic areas.
Upon returning to the work site, workers are required to undergo physical tests, disinfect all their belongings and have undergone a 14-day quarantine observation period previously.
Employees at work, are required to have body temperature checks three times a day and wear masks.
In addition, the companies have organized their workers to dine at different intervals to reduce staff member gatherings.
Workers at Heilongjiang Yuquan Wine Industry Co Ltd wait in line, standing at a distance of more than 1 meter between them, to receive a body temperature check before entering the plant. [Photo/MY399.COM]
A worker checks products on the cooking oil production line at Jiusan Food Group.  [Photo/MY399.COM]