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Harbin scenic sites gradually reopen to the public

Updated : 2020-03-26

By ( e.my399.com )

Scenic sites in Harbin New Zone – in China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province – are gradually reopening to the public, after a suspension due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, according to local officials, who added that they are returning to work while carrying out strict prevention and control measures to reduce the risks posed by tourist gatherings.
One of the reopened venues is Harbin Sunac Snow World, a super-large indoors ski resort.
Officials there said that to maintain a safe and healthy skiing environment, the resort is implementing strict restrictions on the number of visitors and for the time being, it is not accepting travel groups or visitors from areas with a high virus risk.
Equipment and facilities that are in close contact with tourists, such as ski clothes, shoes and skis are fully disinfected, while the two-seater cable car is limited to one person to reduce personal contact.

Under the interim measures, when entering the resort visitors must wear a face mask, show their ID card and the Longjiang Health Code and receive a body temperature check.
Another reopened scenic spot is Harbin Polarland, which is limiting daily visitors to 400 people.
It adopts a time-scheduled and interval method to regulate the numbers of tourists entering the marine life park in an orderly manner. When the maximum set capacity exceeds 80 people at a single time, visitors must purchase tickets for other time periods.
Meanwhile, the park’s dining area, rest area and free shuttle buses are still closed.