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Harbin New Zone restarts infrastructure projects

Updated : 2020-04-16

By ( e.my399.com )

A total of three social infrastructure projects restarted construction on April 13 in Harbin New Zone -- in Harbin, capital city of China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province – according to local officials.
The projects involve the construction of the Harbin section of the Beijing-Heixiazi Island Highway, the No 133 Road and the Songbei irrigation and drainage system.
Beijing-Heixiazi Island Highway
The highway from Beijing to Heixiazi Island is an important part of the national strategic route from the capital Beijing to Heixiazi Island on the northern border of China -- and it is also a main highway for Heilongjiang province.
The highway’s Harbin section is located in the center of the summer city of Harbin New Zone. It is 15.8 kilometers long and covers a total area of 72,300 square meters.
Total investment of the Harbin section will be 1.09 billion yuan ($150 million).
Construction of the highway includes five bridges and nine culverts.
When it construction is completed and it opens to traffic -- scheduled for the end of October, 2020 -- it will become a main communications road connecting Harbin New Zone and Hulan district.
Officials said it is expected to play an important role in driving economic development along the line.
Songbei irrigation and drainage system
Jile water channel, the first phase of the Songbei irrigation and drainage system, broke ground on April 13.
It is more than 6,000 meters long, with a design width of 10 m and design water depth of 1.7 m.
Walking trails along the water channel will also be constructed.
When construction finishes in October this year, it will not only solve the problems of flood prevention and drainage in Harbin New Zone, but also form a landscape corridor with beautiful water and charming scenery serving the recreational needs of local residents.
Dongbeiya Avenue
The road widening and reconstruction project of Dongbeiya Avenue has received a total  investment of more than 70 million yuan.
The avenue will be expanded from its previous two lanes to eight lanes. It is scheduled to be completed and opened to traffic in July this year.
The expansion project aims to open up the important north-south routes of the financial district of Harbin New Zone, enabling locals to travel more effectively.