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HE’s Dubai power plant project connected to grid

Updated : 2020-05-21

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A ceremony to mark the successful operation of the No 1 unit of the Dubai Hassyan clean coal power station is held Dubai on May 18. [Photo/chinanews.com]
China’s leading power equipment producer Harbin Electric Corporation announced on May 18 that the No 1 unit of the Dubai Hassyan 4×600 megawatt clean coal power station -- designed and manufactured by the company -- was successfully connected to the power grid of Dubai.

Harbin Electric’s Hassyan plant project is the first clean coal-fired power plant in the Middle East, HE officials said.

The plant consists of four ultra-supercritical units with a total installed capacity of 2,400 mW, which is capable of completely burning coal or natural gas for backup fuel.

HE announced that all the four units will be put into commercial operation in 2023.

The construction site of the Dubai Hassyan clean coal power plant [Photo/chinanews.com]
When in full operation, the plant will not only provide 20 percent of the power energy for Dubai, but also greatly reduce the cost of electricity for local residents. It will also provide guaranteed power for the upcoming Dubai World Expo.

During the construction process the Hassyan project used the most advanced combustion, denitrification, dust removal and desulfurization technologies to minimize air pollution emissions, HE executives said.

Meanwhile, 28,850 sections of coral in the plant construction area were transplanted and cultivated in the surrounding sea. A 10 kilometer-long anti-silt embankment was also established, to minimize the possible environmental risks in the sea area.

The company said the project's environmental protection measures have been highly praised by the Dubai government.

The No 1 unit of the Dubai Hassyan 4×600MW clean coal power plant [Photo/chinanews.com]