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Major metro train rail yard speeds up construction

Updated : 2020-06-12

By ( e.my399.com )

The new Antongjie rail yard – a giant underground metro train storage, maintenance and repair facility for Harbin’s metro – is moving full steam ahead with its construction, according to information released by Harbin Metro Group.

The rail yard will be located in the Xiangfang district of Harbin city, in China’s northeastern Heilongjiang province.

The rolling stock facility is 451 meters wide from north to south and 1,295 meters long from east to west, covering a total area of 437,100 square meters, equivalent to 60 football fields.

A Harbin metro spokesman said that the rail yard will be able to accommodate 72 metro trains when put into use.

It will be the largest metro train parking place in the cold region of China, which has a long and severe winter.

Currently, a total of 870 workers from 11 construction units are working on site. The main structure is expected to complete construction in June, 2021.