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Harbin acts to help gaokao candidates

Updated : 2020-07-07

By ( e.my399.com )

From July 7 to 9, a total of 47,000 candidates in Harbin -- capital city of China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province -- are taking this year's annual college entrance exam, or gaokao. Due to this year's COVID-19 epidemic, rigorous measures have been put in place to ensure safety and fairness.

Health declaration, medical emergency response

Candidates are required to declare their daily health condition and receive a body temperature test and disinfect their hands before entering test rooms.

Three to five quarantine rooms have been set up at each test site for students who  feel physical discomfort or abnormalities but can still continue to complete the exam.

Additional deputy chief examiners, community doctors, nurses, epidemic prevention personnel and respiratory experts have been appointed at each test site compared with the gaokao held in previous years.

Each test site is equipped with an ambulance to respond to emergency medical cases.

Public security environment measures around test sites

The public security department of Harbin has carried out inspections of rental houses, restaurants, hotels and other places near the test sites and their surroundings before the exam, to eliminate various risks.

During the gaokao period, more than 6,000 police forces and more than 1,500 police vehicles are being dispatched every day to strengthen the density and frequency of patrols around the test sites, handle emergency events and ensure smooth traffic.

Fast track channels for traffic and ID card handling

Bus frequency is being increased to help students, and each student with one escort is allowed to take the bus at no charge.

For students who have forgotten to bring their ID cards, admission permits -- or encounter traffic jams -- the vehicles they take are not subject to certain traffic restrictions.

Fast track channels are also being opened for some candidates to apply for ID cards or temporary identification certificates.