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Second round of consumer coupons to be issued in Harbin

Updated : 2020-09-28

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin, the capital city of China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province, will offer a second round of electronic consumer coupons worth 154 million yuan ($22.57 million) in a move to spur consumption in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, according to information from Harbin’s commerce bureau.

A total of 972,000 consumer coupons will be issued at 9 am on Sept 28, and 9 am on Oct 2, respectively.

Officials said that these consumer coupons would apply to a range of businesses and fields, including the automotive industry, department stores (excluding supermarkets), home appliance and communications products, catering and accommodation services, as well as the culture and tourism industry.

Of the total, consumer coupons worth 25 million yuan will cover the automotive industry, while consumer coupons worth 40 million yuan will cover department stores. Also, the culture and tourism sectors will receive consumer coupons worth 35 million yuan.

In a boon to consumers, the coupons are compatible with other discounts from merchants. 

Electronic consumer vouchers will be issued through the Heilongjiang UnionPay mobile app, and the coupons must be procured within the specified time.

Each round of consumer coupons is valid for 10 days. If awarded consumer coupons are not used within the specified period, they will automatically become invalid, and the value will return to the consumer coupon fund pool and enter the next round of issuance.

More information on the consumer coupons can be found on the official website of Harbin's commerce bureau, or the bureau's public WeChat account. Alternatively, consumers can visit the official WeChat account for Harbin's culture and tourism bureau to learn more.