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New pipeline to guarantee Harbin’s gas supply by year-end

Updated : 2020-10-13

By ( e.my399.com )

The schematic diagram for the new gas pipeline connecting Harbin to the Mingshui-Harbin branch of the China-Russia East natural gas pipeline. [Photo/MY399.COM]

By the end of the year, Harbin’s main urban areas will be served by two natural gas sources, which will alleviate the gas shortages experienced during winter, according to a report in Harbin Daily.

A new gas pipeline project will be built to connect Harbin city to the Mingshui-Harbin branch of the China-Russia East natural gas pipeline.

The project will start in the city’s Hulan district and end in Daoli district, with a total length of about 57.4 kilometers. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of December, with a designed annual gas transmission capacity of 1.73 billion cubic meters.

The design pressure for the pipeline is 6.3 MPa, and the pipe diameter is 457 mm. The project includes one Leye sub-transmission station, one Jiangbei sub-transmission station and one Songhua River monitoring valve room.

Completion of the new natural gas pipeline will be welcomed by heat supply providers in Harbin, helping to solve the problem of pipeline gas shortages during the winter months. Take Harbin Zhongqing Gas Co as an example: The company is responsible for supplying gas to about 1.73 million users in Harbin’s main urban area. 

The peak daily supply of gas in the main urban area was 2.65 million cubic meters last winter, while the pipeline gas supply maxed out at 1.9 million cubic meters. Therefore, the company had to purchase liquefied natural gas to address the remaining demand.