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Construction begins on Harbin Ice and Snow World

Updated : 2020-12-10

By ( e.my399.com )

Construction of Harbin Ice and Snow World starts on Dec 7. [Photo/Heilongjiang Daily]

Construction of Harbin Ice and Snow World officially started on Dec 7, and the attraction is scheduled to open to the public in mid-December after a half-month construction period.

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of Harbin Ice and Snow World, an entertainment park featuring giant ice buildings built each year during winter.

The 22nd Harbin Ice and Snow World has a theme of the "integration of ice and snow, go together with joy."

Cultural elements and classic architecture from China, Mongolia and 17 Central and Eastern European countries will be included among the park’s structures, highlighting Yekaterinburg and Moscow Station in Russia, Viru Gates in Estonia Gate, St. Peter's Church in Latvia and Athens Theater in Greece.

Workers cut ice cubes for the construction of Harbin Ice and Snow World. [Photo/Heilongjiang Daily]

The main ice building in the park is called “the Heart of Ice City.” It will stand 40 meters tall and be illuminated by colorful lights.

Besides the colorful light-illuminated giant ice sculptures to entertain tourists, Harbin Ice and Snow World is committed to providing better guest services. The attraction is setting up two heated houses covering 700 square meters in total, constructing a new 4,200-square-meter ticket hall and introducing more than 50 catering providers.

Meanwhile, this year, Harbin Ice and Snow World will offer a discounted ticket price of 100 yuan ($15) per person, down from 290 yuan last year.