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Ice world a hot attraction in Harbin

Updated : 2020-12-28

By ( China Daily )

The 22nd Harbin Ice and Snow World, a 600,000-square-meter wonderland, begins its official run on Dec 24, 2020, in Harbin, Northeast China's Heilongjiang province. [Photo by Lyu Pin/For chinadaily.com.cn]

Only 18 days after the first block of ice was pulled from the frozen Songhua River, a 600,000-square-meter snow and ice wonderland in Northeast China was completed and opened its doors on Thursday.

It has quickly become a hot tourism destination in a chilly winter.

More than 10,000 sculptors and workers participated in the construction of the 22nd Harbin Ice and Snow World in Harbin, Heilongjiang province.

As an important part of the annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, the park, which is built with ice and snow, will last till the end of February.

As man-made ice often contains air bubbles and is not strong enough to carve, ice for the festival is specially sourced from the Songhua River, which runs through the city.

Under the quality standard, each block of ice is to be 80 centimeters wide, 40 cm thick and 120 cm long.

The park has been divided into six parts and tourists can enjoy groups of famous structures from countries including Russia, Greece and Latvia.

"The park will have special offers for tourists this winter, with tickets costing only 100 yuan ($15.30), or just 35 percent of the normal price in previous years," said Kong Qingbin, chairman of Harbin Ice and Snow World. "However, we will continue to provide tourists with high-quality services and a perfect combination of ice, snow, structures, lights and sound effects in the park."

When night falls, the dazzling world is sublime in its beauty.

"It's really one of the most unbelievable miracles I have ever seen," said Wang Zhixuan, a visitor from Hainan province.

"In my hometown I never see snow and ice.

"My wife was born in Heilongjiang, but it is my first time here in winter," said Wang, 35. "When I saw the great ice building, I was absolutely stunned."

The unique park also attracted local residents, including Meng Fanming, a 36-year-old employee with a Harbin company.

"Due to the concern about health security on the long journey, I have suspended my family's annual travel plan," he said. "Therefore, as the most famous tourism item in the city, I brought my wife and eight-year-old son to have a visit."

"We are all surprised to find such a spectacular landscape even though we are so familiar with ice and snow," he added.