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Harbin requires ‘14+7’ quarantine for inbound passengers

Updated : 2021-01-14

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin, the capital city of Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, has tightened COVID-19 prevention and control measures, requiring all overseas inbound travelers to receive nucleic acid tests and undergo medical quarantine observation. The new rules went into effect on Jan 11.

The new measures apply to all inbound people coming to Harbin city.

All people entering China through Harbin Taiping International Airport must undergo a 14-day medical quarantine and observation period at a government-designated site and seven-day quarantine at home after receiving nucleic acid tests.

Those who do not meet the conditions for home medical observation can continue to quarantine at the designated sites.

For inbound people who enter Harbin via a third location and have undergone 14 days of quarantine and observation before arriving in the city, they shall still do seven days of quarantine at home and receive nucleic acid tests.

People coming to Harbin from domestic areas that are deemed medium and high risk should undergo a 14-day quarantine and observation period at home.

Those who conceal symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection will be investigated and dealt with strictly in accordance with the laws.

To limit the spread of the disease, tourist attractions in Harbin should implement an appointment system for visitors and limit the number of guests to 75 percent (or less) of the maximum reception capacity.

The number of patrons in theaters, internet cafes, amusement facilities and other places should not exceed 75 percent of the approved number.