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Harbin-based companies honored as ‘Invisible Champion Enterprises’

Updated : 2021-01-25

By ( e.my399.com )

Eight enterprises from Harbin city were recently honored with the title of “Invisible Champion Enterprise in the Manufacturing Industry” in Heilongjiang province.

Invisible champion enterprises are small and medium-sized companies that are not well known to the public but occupy a leading position in a certain sub-industry or market. They are also highly competitive, have a clear business strategy and have products or services that are difficult to imitate.

The honorees will obtain funding support from Heilongjiang’s provincial government to apply for provincial technological transformation and industrial commissioning projects, digital workshops and financing.

Heilongjiang issued the "Implementation Plan for Cultivating Heilongjiang’s Invisible Champion Enterprises" on Nov 28, 2019.

The plan proposed focusing on organic food, high-end equipment, new materials, biomedicine, and other emerging industries and traditional competitive industries.

Heilongjiang selected a total of 14 companies to receive the title of “Invisible Champion Enterprise in the Manufacturing Industry” this year. Of which, enterprises from the provincial capital Harbin accounted for 57.14 percent.

A total of 53 enterprises applied to receive the honor.