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Olympic Expo opens in Harbin

Updated : 2021-07-14

By ( e.my399.com )

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the successful bid to host the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2021 Harbin Olympic Expo opened at the Yu Zhixue Art Museum in Harbin, capital of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province, on July 13.

The Olympic Expo has been held in several cities, including Beijing and Shanghai, since 2008. This is the first time it has taken place in Harbin.

At the opening ceremony, Yan Jianchang, secretary general of Samaranch Foundation, said that the Harbin Olympic Expo will allow more people to understand Olympic culture and participate in the Olympic movement.

This year’s Olympics Expo is hosted by the International Olympic Committee and the Samaranch Foundation and undertaken by Daoli district’s Party committee and government. It will last until Sept 5.

The exhibitions revolve around themes such as the century-old Olympic historical and cultural heritage, art and the Olympics, and Harbin and the Olympics. Exhibits such as the Olympic torch, official Winter Olympic posters, Olympic commemorative medals, and Olympic commemorative stamps are currently on display.

During the 55-day event, there will also be a series of interactive activities with Olympic champions and Olympic-related painting activities for children to imbue people with the Olympic spirit.