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Harbin airport issues travel reminders to Beijing, Shaanxi

Updated : 2021-09-16

By ( e.my399.com )

Due to the current situation with the epidemic, the Harbin Taiping International Airport issued important travel reminders on Sept 14.
The reminders are mainly targeted at passengers traveling to Beijing and Northwest China's Shaanxi province by plane.
All passengers going to Beijing are required to show a green code on Beijing jiankangbao, a mobile app for checking health codes in Beijing. Those with no green health code cannot board the plane.
Infants under the age of two can board directly with companions who meet the requirements for entering Beijing.
People above the age of 60 or under the age of 16, as well as inbound personnel without mobile phones, are subject to different airlines after the entry quarantine period.
They must follow relevant registration procedures according to the corresponding requirements of airlines.
The newly-launched requirements of the CAAC Northwest Regional Administration show that those flying to Shaanxi province must present a negative nucleic acid test certificate issued within the past 48 hours no matter which airport they land at. Those without the certificate are forbidden from boarding.
The 48-hour nucleic acid valid deadline is subject to the scheduled landing time of the flight.
Additionally, passengers transferring at the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport that don't leave the terminal building and pass through airport security checkpoints are subject to the destination city's policies.
All transit passengers who must pass through the airport security checkpoints must follow the rules for Shaanxi, which means they need to provide a negative nucleic acid certificate within the past 48 hours.