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Harbin invites visitors to frozen world

Updated : 2021-10-25

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Six must-have experiences in Harbin
For those who have never been to Harbin, there is an almost endless list of things to do. Even for those returning, there will be many choices for how to spend your time. Here are six activities that have to be included in any trip to the northeastern city.

Have hotpot in igloos

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]
At Harbin Ice-Snow World, you can not only see the world-famous ice architecture, but also have great fun!
You can have hotpot at igloo restaurants, enjoying the product of both ice and fire, go down the world's longest ice slide and join in the popular Ice and Snow Electronic Music Festival on New Year's Eve to welcome 2022.
Turn water into instant ice

[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]
One can't go to the Ice-Snow World without stopping by the Sun Island Snow Expo. After all, one is for appreciating illuminated ice at night, and the other is for checking out snow in the daytime.
The Sun Island Snow Expo is the world's largest snow sculpture art show. You can play in the snow as well as admire the art made from it. Tourists from the south might be stunned by the bright sunshine reflected in the snow, so don't forget the sunscreen.
This is a good place to toss water and watch it turn into ice instantly. Find a safe place with no one nearby, and enjoy the unique phenomenon.
Snow tubing on the Songhua River

In winter, the Songhua River turns into "thousands of miles of ice" and becomes a natural ice-skating rink.
The frozen river offers opportunities for many different winter activities. But make sure the ice is solid before going stomping in the snow.
Speeding down Yabuli Ski Resort
One place you shouldn't miss when visiting Harbin is Yabuli Ski Resort, where you can ski down majestic snow-covered mountains.
Yabuli Sun Mountain Resort is surrounded by mountains and forests. The snow is thick and moderately hard. There are junior, middle and senior ski runs. Professional staff are available to improve your skiing ability and give you an experience of a lifetime.
Have a popsicle at Central Street

How cold is the winter in Harbin? Popsicles can be bought on the street without being refrigerated. The most popular brand is the sweet Modern popsicle. You might feel like you're a child in Russia while walking along Central Street, observing baroque architecture with popsicle in hand.
Roasted sweet potatoes and sugar-coated fruits on sticks can also be bought on the streets; you can give those a try as well.
There is also authentic Russian food such as red sausages, roasted cold noodles, scoops of fried pork, iron pot stew, chlebowy, hotpot and barbecue you won't want to miss. Don't hold back; have some meat and stay warm!
Watch a play at Harbin Grand Theatre

It might not be part of an ordinary tourist plan, but it is worth an extra night in Harbin!
The winter is cold and the night is long, so why not go to the theatre? Northerners consider going to a play a romantic thing to do in winter. Harbin was listed by the United Nations as a 'music city' in 2010. Harbin Grand Theater is where artistic souls defrost a little to share their love of art.