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Harbin city maps out 15-year plans for transport network 

Updated : 2021-12-17

By ( e.my399.com )

The city of Harbin -- capital of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province -- recently released plans for the railways, highways, civil aviation and the comprehensive transportation networks and hubs for the next 15 years.

Under the blueprint, Harbin will carry out the second and third phases of the Harbin Taiping International Airport expansion project, while advancing the site selection and planning of the Yabuli General Aviation Airport and the Harbin General Aviation Hub Airport.

Projections are that by 2030, Harbin's airports will have a total annual passenger throughput of 65 million, a cargo throughput of 800,000 metric tons and they will handle some 483,000 aircraft departures and arrivals. 

In addition to aviation, Harbin will speed up construction of the east-west direction of the Manzhouli - Harbin - Suifenhe railway and the north-south direction of the Heihe - Suihua - Harbin - west of Shanhaiguan line. This will form a railway network connecting the country's border, reaching the sea and entering the area excluding northeastern China. 

Harbin also plans to build a ring expressway and metropolitan ring line, nine expressways that end downtown, as well as the Yilan-Khanka expressway and the Tieli-Horqin Right Wing Middle Banner expressway.

Meanwhile, the construction of national and provincial trunk highways is also being rolled out. It includes 13 highways connecting Harbin as the endpoint and 11 connecting highways between county-level cities and counties.

The number of roads connecting urban areas to the airport will be increased and 2,641 kilometers of damaged rural roads will be rebuilt or repaired.

As for Harbin's urban transport network, the city will make use of existing and planned new railway lines to form a radial pattern. This will be centered on the main urban areas of Harbin and supplemented by extending lines to the airport and the Evergrande Culture and Tourism City.

Additionally, Harbin plans to open intelligent rail lines to the airport and continue to push forward with the construction approval of the first phases of subway lines 4 and 5.