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Harbin launches enticing discounts to attract tourists

Updated : 2022-05-19

By ( e.my399.com )

Tourists wanting to visit Harbin -- capital city of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province -- will enjoy discount scenic spot tickets at the upcoming 12th China Tourism Day on May 19.
Most of Harbin's scenic spots are now open to the public despite the COVID-19 outbreak.
Currently, the city is brimming with the colors and fragrances of summer and its scenery is at its most alluring in early May.
The scenic spots recommended for a visit, or which enjoy special rates are as follows:
Harbin Central Avenue

The road, which has been paved with 999,999 square stone blocks, celebrates the glory and history of the city. Graceful buildings astriding the street show scant sign of the passage of time. Here, you can gently take in the elegant streetscape.
Chinese-Baroque Historic Block
Located on Daowai Nan Street, Harbin's Daowai district has some of China's largest and most intact buildings in the Chinese Baroque architectural style.
Built a century or so ago and covering 288,300 square meters, the buildings embrace the Western baroque style in terms of their exterior design, while retaining the traditional layout of Chinese courtyards inside.
The Chinese Baroque-style buildings here are preserved at an exceptional level. As an exemplar of  Harbin's original industry and trade, the block has traditional examples of commerce, the culinary arts and folk customs.
Strolling around the block gives you the essence of a time gone by.
Sun Island scenic area

On May 19-29, tourists at the scenic spot's Benxiong Paradise will get the benefit of discount tickets. Prices have been cut to 128 yuan per person and 108 yuan per person for two categories -- 20 yuan under the previous ticket prices.
Address: No 3 Jingbei Road, Sun Island Scenic Area, Songbei district, Harbin.
Harbin Polar Park
Harbin Polar Park will issue discount tickets for visitors to the first phase of the aquarium pavilion and to the second phase of the polar pavilion. The ticket price for the aquarium pavilion is 195 yuan, while that for the polar pavilion is 298 yuan.
Address: No 3 Taiyang Avenue, Songbei district, Harbin.
Sunac Land
The travel package ticket being offered per person is 138 yuan – down 50 yuan on the usual price.
Address: No 99-1, Shimao Avenue, Songbei district, Harbin.