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Bright decorations bring festive air to Harbin

Updated : 2023-01-16

By ( e.my399.com )

Two men hang red lanterns onto a street light in Harbin city to create a festive atmosphere. [Photo/Ice City Plus]
With the Spring Festival fast approaching, a buoyant and festive atmosphere is sweeping across Harbin, the capital city of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province.
The streets and alleys in Harbin are being decorated with jaunty red lanterns, colored lights and Chinese knots, creating an unmistakably festive ambience.
According to the plan, nine districts, nine counties and several county-level cities in the jurisdiction of Harbin will add decorations based on the previous New Year preparations.

Harbin Central Avenue is decorated with lanterns and colorful lights to create a festive atmosphere. [Photo/Ice City Plus]
It is estimated that 3,000 pairs of Chinese knots, more than 8,000 lanterns and 20,000 strings of colorful lights will be installed on light poles on main streets in the city's main urban area.
Moreover, large rabbit mascots, representing the Chinese Year of Rabbit, will be installed in Harbin's railway station business circles and scenic spots, and lanterns will be hung in front of shops, to enhance the festive atmosphere.
This project is scheduled to be completed on Jan 19.
Red lanterns are prepared for Harbin's street decoration. [Photo/Ice City Plus]