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Harbin launches historical, cultural area protection plan

Updated : 2023-03-22

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In order to strengthen the protection and management of historical and cultural areas in Harbin, the capital city of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province, the Harbin municipal resource planning bureau has recently released the "Protection Plan for Historical and Cultural Areas of the Harbin Railway".
Planning range
The area is located in the center of Nan'gang district, including the areas surrounded by Jiaohua Street, Fuhuasandao Street, Yaojing Street, Hegou Street, Gongsi Street, Lianfa Street, Haicheng Street, Xidazhi Street, Haiguan Street, Manzhouli Street and Songhuajiang Street.
It covers a total area of 65.7 hectares. Among them, the core protection area is 28.24 hectares, and the construction control area is 37.46 hectares.
Planning and positioning
The city will comprehensively protect and enhance the overall style and artistic taste of the area; fully display Harbin's characteristic architecture and European style; and promote the development of tourism, culture, and scientific research industries. Plans are to build this area into a vibrant European cultural exhibition area, a university innovation and entrepreneurship area, a practice area for garden city planning concepts, and a well-known cultural, scientific, educational and tourist destination within China.
Core protection scope
The plan's core protection scope covers an area of 28.24 hectares.
New construction and expansion activities are not allowed within this scope, except for the construction and expansion of necessary infrastructure and public service facilities.
The height, volume, and strength of these newly constructed or expanded buildings and structures should be strictly controlled to reduce their impact on the overall style and appearance of the area.
Dangerous old houses that have collapsed or are on the verge of collapse may be rebuilt and renovated, and procedures shall be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Cultural relics protection units at all levels, ungraded immovable cultural relics, and historical buildings shall not be demolished.
Construction control zone

The construction control zone covers an area of 37.46 hectares. The height, volume, color and style of newly built, rebuilt or expanded buildings and structures within this range shall be compatible with the style of the overall area.

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