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Harbin airport's passenger throughput exceeds 9.73m in H1

Updated : 2023-07-04

By ( e.my399.com )

In the first half of this year, Harbin Taiping International Airport completed 71,000 flight take-offs and landings, with a passenger throughput of 9.73 million and a cargo and mail throughput of 58,800 metric tons.
The passenger throughput in the past six months has already surpassed the total of 9.49 million passengers for the entire year of 2022.
Since the beginning of this year, Harbin airport has collaborated with airlines to resume, increase, and enhance domestic and international flight routes.
It has focused on increasing capacity for flights between Harbin and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Sanya, and Haikou.
Flights to cities in Russia, such as Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Irkutsk, Yakutsk, and as well as to Osaka in Japan, have gradually resumed.
Flights to Seoul in South Korea and Tokyo in Japan from Harbin have been increased.
Currently, Harbin airport operates an average of around 430 flights per day, serving an average of more than 60,000 passengers.

Harbin ramps up childcare services

A new comprehensive service center for childcare in Harbin is expected to be finished by the end of the year.