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Dance festival brings cultural vitality to Harbin residents

Updated : 2023-07-07

By ( e.my399.com )

An elegant dance is staged at the 14th Harbin Mass Dance Festival. [Photo/Ice City Plus]

The opening ceremony of the 14th Harbin Mass Dance Festival took place on July 3, captivating audiences with a spectacular display of movement and dance.
This year's festival aims to showcase high-quality, distinctive, innovative, and heartfelt dance works, further enriching and enlivening the cultural and spiritual lives of the people.
The performance stood out for its dual emphasis on inclusivity and professionalism, offering an array of rich and dazzling content.
Many different dance performances are readily enjoyable, ranging from traditional pieces like "Huaji" and "Shengshi Huagu" performed by professional troupes and academic institutions, to more contemporary works like "Honggaoliang" and "Zhumeng Lantian" performed by new artistic organizations and groups.
Among them, the premiere of the original song "My Hometown, My City," which praises Harbin, expressed the confidence and determination of the people of the Ice City in their love for and dedication to their hometown.
In recent years, the Harbin Mass Dance Festival has successfully held 13 editions. From its modest beginnings in 2009 with only 50 participating works to the fierce competition involving 500 works in 2019, the festival has become an essential platform for participants to showcase their talent and exchange dance techniques.


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