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Harbin Institute of Technology's young scientist wins Xploration Award

Updated : 2023-07-19

By ( e.my399.com )

Song Qinghai, a professor at the School of Science of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen Campus), recently made the list of the 2023 Xploration Award, becoming the third young scientist from the university to receive this honor.
Song led a research team to delve into the forefront of micro and nanophotonics, making a series of breakthroughs in basic theory and innovative device design, providing key theoretical and technological support for developing related fields in China.
So far, Song has published more than 50 academic papers in international journals such as "Science," "Nature Communications," "Science Advances," and "Physical Review Letters" and has undertaken more than ten national-level projects.
Xploration Award is a public welfare award funded by the New Cornerstone Science Foundation and led by scientists.
The award covers ten fields of basic science and cutting-edge technology. At most, 50 winners are selected each year, and 248 young scientists have been funded to date.

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