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Facing the world: Harbin Asian Winter Games calls for emblem, mascot, and slogans 

Updated : 2023-09-19

By ( e.my399.com )

The 9th Asian Winter Games Harbin 2025, also known as the Harbin Asian Winter Games, is set to take place in Harbin, the capital of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province, in February 2025.
The organizing committee has officially opened up global solicitation for the design of the Games' emblem, mascot, and slogan, starting from Sept 19 to Oct 18.
The design requirements aim to fully embody the global, national, open, artistic, and innovative nature of the Games, as well as promote the ideals of human unity and the Olympic spirit.
The requirements for each submission are as follows:

The emblem design should reflect the pursuit of the Olympic movement, while also showcasing Chinese culture, values, and the concept of the Harbin Asian Winter Games.

It should adhere to the Olympic spirit and universal human values, gaining recognition from China, the Olympic Council of Asia, and the international community.
It should represent the image and spirit of the host city and country, and stimulate public attention, support, and participation in the Asian Winter Games and winter sports in general.
It should serve as a foundation for the Games' landscape, both indoor and outdoor, and various promotional materials.
It should be suitable for use across various media platforms, with a strong aesthetic sense and visual impact.
It should maintain its beauty and expressive power regardless of its material, color, shape, plane or dimension, or whether it is in static or dynamic form, and be adaptable to new technological applications.

The mascot design should embody the characteristics of ice and snow, as well as the cultural uniqueness, urban image, regional features, and innovative vitality of Harbin as the host city of the Asian Winter Games.

It should demonstrate originality and creativity, reflecting the distinct personality of the Harbin Asian Winter Games. The overall design and visual impact should harmoniously represent the overall style of the Games.
The mascot should be friendly, lovely, aesthetically pleasing, dynamic, easy to mold, produce, and recognize, and can take the form of animals, plants, or cartoon characters.

The mascot's name should be in Chinese, with a clear and concise meaning, easy to remember and widely accepted, without violating public order and decency.

The mascot design should align with the pursuit of the Olympic movement.

The mascot design should meet commercial utilization needs, and be suitable for various fields, media, formats, and techniques of presentation, dissemination, and further creative adaptations.

The submitted slogan should align with the pursuit of the Olympic movement, Chinese cultural values, and the characteristics of the Harbin Asian Winter Games.
It should reflect the theme of ice and snow, represent historical culture, and showcase the innovative vitality of Harbin as the host city, as well as the Games' guiding principles of being splendid, successful, environmentally friendly and clean, in line with the positioning of the event.

The slogan should have a clear theme, and be innovative, concise, catchy, rhythmic, and easy to remember.
It should possess a noble sentiment, strike a chord, resonate with people, be unforgettable, and be universally accepted by people of all cultural backgrounds across Asia and the world.

The slogan should be in line with the overall style of the Harbin Asian Winter Games.

Both the Chinese and English versions of the slogan should have the same effect without any ambiguity.
For more specific participation requirements and details, potential contributors can visit the official website of the Harbin Asian Winter Games (https://www.2025awg.com/index-en.html) to learn more about the solicitation process and stay updated on relevant information and updates.

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