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China's Snow Town opens doors to tourists

Updated : 2023-11-13

By ( e.my399.com )

China's Snow Town is covered with heavy snow and illuminated by colorful lights in the evening. [Photo/Harbin News Network]
China's Snow Town, a popular travel site in Heilongjiang featuring the province's unique winter landscapes, opened its doors to tourists on Nov 10 with upgraded facilities and richer cultural activities.
Dahailin Forestry Bureau has upgraded the infrastructure and lighting projects within a local scenic area, creating a street of lanterns, as well as transforming the landscape along the sightseeing plank road and an area to view and photograph wood carvings.
Moreover, campfire parties, traditional folk dances, and interactive float parade activities are being introduced to entertain tourists and enrich their travel experiences.
Furthermore, the three parking lots and garages in the scenic area have been upgraded, and a temporary parking area of 32,000 square meters has been leveled to meet the needs of self-driving tourists.
Facilities at various attractions along the Yaxue Highway, such as Snow Valley, the Ice and Snow Art Gallery, Yaxue Post Station, and Fengche Snow Mountain, have been upgraded to improve the quality of tourism services.
The Snow Town scenic area now runs an online real-name reservation system for ticket purchases, making travel more convenient and reducing queuing times.
A direct bus operates once a day between Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang, and China's Snow Town.
Additionally, a direct bus from Yabuli West Station to China's Snow Town has been added, providing a convenient one-stop service for tourists who travel there by high-speed rail.

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