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CHINALCO joins Chinese Industrial Heritage Protection List

Updated : 2023-11-20

By ( e.my399.com )

A view of the office buildings of CHINALCO. [Photo/Ice City Plus]
The third edition of the Chinese Industrial Heritage Protection List was released in Beijing on Nov 13, with 100 items selected.
Northeast Light Alloy Co (CHINALCO), a resident enterprise of Harbin, the capital city of Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, was among the companies listed.
CHINALCO's selected national industrial heritage includes its melting and casting workshops, rolling mill workshops, extrusion workshops, 201 Central Laboratory, old office buildings, cultural palaces and a 2,000mm hot rolling mill.
In 1952, the precursor of CHINALCO, Factory 101, broke ground in Harbin as the first aluminum-magnesium alloy processing enterprise in China, marking the beginning of the country's aluminum processing industry.
Over the past 70 years, CHINALCO has written a brilliant chapter in China's aluminum processing industry, witnessing its growth from scratch, expanding to a large scale, and soaring to its current flourishing state.
CHINALCO's product range has since expanded to 18 major categories, encompassing 307 alloys, 5,771 varieties, and 23,071 specifications.
CHINALCO has established itself as a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive, and highly sophisticated production base for aluminum-magnesium alloys, with oversized plate and strip materials and high-end extrusion materials at its core.
The third edition of the Industrial Heritage Protection List was jointly compiled by the National Academy of Innovation Strategy, the China Urban Planning Association, and other national associations and universities.
The list includes 100 significant, leading, and benchmarked examples of industrial heritage, involving sectors such as transportation, military nuclear industry, metallurgy and mining, energy and chemicals, machinery manufacturing and processing, light industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, and construction.

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