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9th Asian Winter Games officially unveils slogan, emblem and mascots

Updated : 2024-01-11

By ( e.my399.com )

The emblem "Breakthrough" for the 9th Asian Winter Games Harbin 2025. [Photo provided to emy399.com]
After a global collection and expert evaluation process, the official slogan, emblem, and mascots for the 9th Asian Winter Games, which is set to take place in Harbin, capital city of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province, in 2025, were unveiled to the public on Jan 11.
The emblem, named "Breakthrough," the mascots, named "Binbin" and "Nini," and the slogan, "Dream of Winter, Love among Asia," will serve as official symbols of this grand sports event.
Since the global call for submissions on Sept 19, 2023, a total of 4,608 entries were received from all over the world, including 3,518 slogans, 760 emblem designs, and 330 mascot designs.
The submissions came from top art academies and renowned design institutions, as well as from various sectors of society.
The mascots "Binbin" and "Nini" for the 9th Asian Winter Games Harbin 2025. [Photo provided to emy399.com]
The slogan, "Dream of Winter, Love among Asia", connects Asian countries with the ice and snow sector. This event is expected to create a new growth pole for the ice and snow economy and promote cultural exchanges among Asian countries and countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. By closely linking "dreams" and "unity" with the "Chinese Dream," the Asian Winter Games will serve as a bond to promote cooperation and development among Asian countries.
The emblem, "Breakthrough," combines the figure of a short track speed skater, a lilac flower, which is the city flower of Harbin, and the sun icon of the Olympic Council of Asia.
The mascots, "Binbin" and "Nini," are based on two adorable young Siberian tigers that were born in the Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin in September 2023. These mascots showcase cultural confidence and inspire cultural vitality. They will contribute to telling China's stories.

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