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Annual session of Harbin Municipal People's Congress opens

Updated : 2024-02-05

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The third session of the 16th Harbin Municipal People's Congress commences on Feb 3. [Photo/harbin.gov.cn]
The third session of the 16th Harbin Municipal People's Congress commenced on Feb 3, with 553 deputies in attendance.
According to the agenda, the assembly reviewed reports on the implementation of the 2023 Harbin national economic and social development plan and the draft plan for 2024, as well as Harbin's 2023 budget execution and its 2024 budget proposal.
The session also conducted a vote on the livelihood projects that will be supervised in 2024. They also passed votes on election and voting procedures.
Harbin Mayor Zhang Qixiang delivered the government work report during the session, which was divided into three parts: a review of the 2023 work, the goals and major tasks for 2024, and comprehensive enhancement of government self-construction.
The primary expected targets for Harbin's economic and social development this year include: a 6 percent increase in regional GDP, around 5 percent growth in added value of industries above a designated size, over 8 percent growth in fixed-asset investment, approximately 7 percent growth in total retail sales of consumer goods, a 10 percent increase in total import and export value, and synchronous growth of the region's economic progress and the income of urban and rural residents.

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