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Northernmost high-speed railway sees progress in construction

Updated : 2024-03-12

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Construction of the superstructure of Yongxing Hulan River Bridge, a crucial link of the Harbin-Yichun high-speed railway – China's northernmost high-speed railway, officially commenced on Thursday, People.cn reported.
The Harbin-Yichun high-speed railway started construction in 2021. It is an extension of the Beijing-Harbin Railway and Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Railway channels, and also the first of its kind through a permafrost zone in the country.
The 318-kilometer-long rail route connects Harbin, Tieli, Yichun and several other cities, allowing a designed train speed of 250 km per hour.
Upon completion, the railway will further complete the high-speed railway network in the country's northeastern region and accelerate the regional economic development.
At present, the construction of the Harbin-Tieli section is underway in an orderly manner.
The Tieli to Yichun section, which started construction earlier, has completed the construction tasks for the station buildings at Tieli Station, Riyuexia Station and Yichun West Station, including the structures and metal roofing. Exterior curtain wall installation and interior decoration works for the station buildings are in progress, and track laying is about to start soon.

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