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Harbin to launch road upgrades for 9th Asian Winter Games

Updated : 2024-03-19

By ( e.my399.com )

In early May, Harbin, the host city of the 9th Asian Winter Games, will kick off a series of comprehensive road upgrades along 15 key routes to ensure smooth transportation during the upcoming Games.
According to the Harbin housing and urban-rural development bureau, the city will embark on an integrated renewal and transformation project for these roads. This initiative will encompass six major aspects, including carriageways, sidewalks, traffic facilities, static traffic, road functionality, and landscape enhancement.
The goal is to achieve comfortable and smooth driving conditions, convenient and continuous pedestrian traffic, orderly parking, clean and aesthetically pleasing streets, and an overall improvement in the city's image and quality.
The road upgrades will primarily involve five transportation support routes connecting venues, accommodations, the airport, and railway stations, such as Chengxiang Road and Binjiang Street. Additionally, five roads surrounding competition venues and the media center, including Kaiyuan Street and Baqu Street, will undergo enhancements.
Five roads near tourist attractions, such as Youyi Road and Shangzhi Avenue, will also be included in the renovation plan.
The comprehensive upgrades are scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

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