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  • Harbin Hafei center's star rises


    Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Center is playing an increasingly vital role in the global supply chain for the European aviation group by producing composite materials components for its A320 and A350 planes.

  • Globe-trotting couple meets fans


    An adventurous couple who recently completed a round-the-world flight in a Chinese-made plane met with more than 400 fans at Harbin Engineering University on Wednesday to discuss their travels.

  • Foreigners return home to Harbin


    On Sunday, Ester Alon and 76 other people from Poland, Israel, Australia, Russia and Canada began a return trip to their hometown of Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province.

  • Rehearsal for Magic Romance held in Harbin


    A rehearsal for Magic Romance was held on June 23 at Central Grand Theater at Harbin Wanda Wonderland.

  • Direct flight to connect Harbin, Irkutsk


    China Southern Airlines (CSA) will launch a direct flight between Irkutsk, Russia and the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin starting July 1.

  • Harbin holds conference for former foreign residents


    The 2017 International Conference of Former Foreign Residents was held in Harbin, Heilongjiang province on June 26.

  • Songbei unveils online government services


    In an effort to meet the goal of being a national civilized city, Harbin’s Songbei district is offering more of its services over the internet.

  • Songbei community gets improved services


    Mediterranean sunshine community in Harbin’s Songbei district has recently partnered with a property management company to provide better services for residents.

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Xiangfang leads the way in smart government

Harbin’s Xiangfang district is bringing city administration into the digital age, establishing the first WeChat city administration monitoring platform in Heilongjiang province.