Pukka Mongolian dishes served at Sheraton Harbin Xiangfang Hotel

Updated : 2019-10-16

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Sheraton Harbin Xiangfang Hotel invited leading chef Xu Hongyi from Hulunbuir, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, to present his best culinary fare at the Mongolian Cuisine Festival from Oct 9 to Nov 30.

The Mongolians' nomadic way of life determined their diet, which traditionally consisted mainly of the meat, milk and other dairy products provided by the livestock which they tended.

This included mutton, beef and goat, as well as milk and other dairy products from cattle and goats. The people of the steppes traditionally roast meat over an open fire — or boil it if it is less tender — and bake their bread in special ovens. A goat or a lamb might be roasted whole, or in sections, such as a leg of lamb.

Around 30 authentic Mongolian dishes are being served at the Sheraton Harbin Xiangfang Hotel.

Among the offerings is Hulunbuir mutton, which is eaten by hand and known locally as shouzhuayangrou. There is also roast lamb sausage, or kaoyangrouchang, ghee, kumiss, and a Hulun Lake fish feast that is known to locals as hulunhuyuyan.

The festival features roast whole lamb, or kaoquanyang.

Roast whole lamb is traditionally offered for special guests and usually appears only for grand occasions, such as important meetings or weddings. The lamb skin is a glittering golden color and the meat is crisp on the outside and tender inside and suffused with a rich aroma.


A whole roast lamb is served at the Mongolian Cuisine Festival at the Sheraton Harbin Xiangfang Hotel on Oct 9. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

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