Summer travel routes in Harbin

Updated : 2018-06-06

By Yang Min ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin, capital city of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, has previously been voted one of the most popular summer resorts in China.

Harbin is a popular destination due to its pleasant summer temperature, plentiful tourist attractions, high-quality tourism services, and good feedback from visitors.

This year, Harbin promoted 10 theme tours and 10 classic travel routes for tourists wanting to escape the summer heat.

10 theme tours

Architecture sightseeing

Target population: tourists interested in architecture and history

Recommended destinations: Harbin Central Avenue, Architecture Art Square, Chinese Baroque architecture groups in Daowai district, Volga Manor, the Former Residence of Xiaohong, Dragon Tower, the Ruins of Japanese Army Unit 731 Headquarters



Music tour 

Target population: tourists interested in music

Recommended destinations and activities: Harbin Grand Theater, Harbin Old Synagogue Concert Hall, Old Street Concert, music tour on Harbin Central Avenue, Moscow Grand Theater



Ecological sightseeing

Target population: elderly tourists; families with children

Recommended destinations: Sun Island, Hulan Estuary Wetland Park, Volga Manor, Yabuli Spring Center, Yingjie Spring Resort, Dadingzi Mountain Spring Resort, Harbin Provence Lavender Manor



Russian culture exploration

Target population: tourists interested in different cultures

Recommended destinations: Volga Manor, Russia Town on Sun Island, Russia Goods Commercial Street, Huamei Western Restaurant, Modern Hotel



Sports competitions

Target population: outdoor enthusiasts

Recommended activities: 2018 Harbin International Marathon, 2018 U.I.M F1 Motorboat World Championship, 2018 China Rowing Championship



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